How many photos do you need?

If we are using one of our pre-made bodies and just sculpting your heads, we need one good frontal face shot for both the bride and groom. The best thing is to take the photos expressely for this purpose. Nice big smiles! We can also use a photo for the bride's hairstyle if you want it to be styled differently than it is in her face photo. You can get a good hairstyle photo from online - celebrity hairstyles work great!

If you are making either one or both of the figures custom, we will need photos for the clothing, accessories and pose as well. Again, you can go online and get these photos.

Are my photos good enough quality for a custom cake topper?

As long as your photos are above 100k in size and the faces are clearly shot from the front, we can use your photos. The better the photo, the better our artist will be able to tell your characteristics so we encourage you to submit good, clear photos.

I don't have the photos on me. What do I do?

You can place your order now and we can set your order aside. We will wait for you to submit your photos. If you need to collect photos from others, send them the link to your special order folder at our File Upload Tool. Collect all the photos in your folder and then you can easily access your folder and delete or add files. We will help you every step of the way in making sure we have the right amount of photos and names.

How do I get my photos to you?

Photos can be submitted to us after you place your order by using the file fields provided in an email we send to you. 

You can also email your files by replying to the order confirmation email you will receive.

What Types of Photos Work Best?


We strongly recommend taking photos expressly for this process. Don't worry about going through all your snapshots looking for the photos where you think you look really cute! Get a digital camera and take a photo of the groom and then have him take a photo of the bride (or the subject of the cake topper). Take the photo from the front angle with the head straight - like a drivers license photo or mug shot. Get really close-up and make sure the lighting is good. While you may be tempted to turn your head to capture your "best angle," refrain, it's best for our purposed to see your face straight on. Don't forget to smile! You can't send us a photo of an unsmiling face and ask us to make the smile. We can't do that. Our artists work quite literally from your photos and we will sculpt exactly what we see in your photo. 1 straight on shot is all we need for each subject. If you submit more than one, we will ask that you let us know which one to use.

A profile photo is a nice touch. Remember to keep the facial expression the same as your straight on shot. We can live without a profile shot but they sure are nice to have! The better we can visualize your faces, the better your miniature replica will be.

Great face shot! See how she is looking straight at the camera? The lighting really shows her hair and eye color, too.Great profile shot! We can really tell what Jessica looks like from the side and get her chin and nose down pat!Bad face shot! See, this is from my wedding and I think I looked really great that day but my face is at a weird angle and we would have a hard time working with this.


Don't worry if your hair is not how you plan to wear it in your face photos. Most brides will submit a photo for the front of their hair, the back of their hair and sometimes the hair accessories or veil they intend to wear. We recommend scouring the internet for a nice updo that will work for your sculpture. We can use a photo of someone else for your hair photo.

Good hair shot. This image makes it easy to see the front of her hairstyle and the back as well as the hair accessory.

Facial Hair

Please make sure that the face photo submitted for the groom shows the exact way he plans to wear his facial hair on the day of the event. It is hard for us to "add a goatee" or "make a little more clean shaven." Take the guess-work out of it for us and send us a photo of what you would like his face to look like.

Gown and Clothing

If you select any of our stardard style customizable dresses, it is helpful for us to see the front and back of your gown. On many of our bride styles, the skirts are molded to match today's modern bridal silhouettes but the bodice and sleeves is left unmolded so that we can paint your custom style.

If you select a custom body, we will need to see all clothing and accessories in detail. The more photos from front and back, the better. Don't forget accessories and shoes!


If you selected one of our standard pre-made pet styles, we will just be using your photos to paint the markings. The pose will be exactly what you see online from the selections available.

If you selected a custom pet from photo, please submit a photo of your pet in the pose you would like and make sure we can see all visable markings so we get him just right!


If you selected a fully custom figure or figures, you have the option of creating your own pose. We can also place the figures next to one another or holding hands. Please let us know. If you plan on doing something more original, a pose photo is very helpful! We suggest you get into the pose yourselves and take a digital photo on a timer. That way, we can see your height difference as well as know exactly which limb goes were. Don't forget to hold the accessories you may be including!