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This is a completely customized Funny Dirt Bike Wedding Cake Toppers Ball And Chain ordered by one of our customers.They want bride wearing her wedding dress with headpiece and groom wearing a white tux and white shoes being pulled by his ankle by bride away from his dirt bike. Bride would like groom to be grabbing the rear tire of his bike with both hands and groom wears a small Mohawk hairstyle since that's how his hair will be on their wedding day. Bride also would like to show her grabbing (with her free hand) picking up her dress (as if she is storming off with him) and show one of her shoes. She made/designed the shoes and would like to add them to their dirt bike wedding cake topper. The most interesting is their facial expressions. They would like bride to be smiling and groom to be struggling. If you have the same dirt bike wedding cake toppers, what’s the facial expression do you prefer?

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