Terms and conditions of use

  1. Cake toppers are custom sculpted based on your photos and are non-refundable under any circumstance
  2. Cake toppers are photo proofed with you by email (when time allows). Please provide an email address that you check often to avoid delays
  3. We recommend a minimum of 4 weeks for production of your cake toppers once your order and photos are received
  4. We will take orders that need delivery in less than 6 weeks time under certain conditions (see below)
  5. In some instances, when time does not allow, we will not be able to proof your cake toppers with you


Custom cake toppers are made just for you based on your photos. They cannot be resold because of this fact. Therefore, custom cake toppers are non-refundable under any circumstance.

If given ample time to complete your order (complete photo materials are received at least 6 weeks before your event), we will send as many photo proofs to your specified email as necessary and will allow unlimited revisions as time allows until you approve your cake toppers for shipping.

There is inherit risk involved when placing a custom commissioned order because the item is non-refundable.


If your event is less than 8 weeks from the date you place your order OR less than 8 weeks from the date you intend to provide complete photo materials, please select the appropriate Express shipping method (yellow - red label). Orders that fall on the cusp of this time limit can be placed as Blue or Green Label orders, however, please note that once production begins, if we need to expedite shipping in order to deliver your cake toppers to you by the stated event date, we will require you to pay for the upgraded shipping cost OR we will ship using standard shipping when your cake toppers are approved. We will communicate with you to let you know if your order shipping needs to be upgraded and when it needs to be approved in order to be delivered in advance of your event date.

Some shipping delays fall out of our control such as flight delays, weather related disturbances, acts of God, US customs delays, etc. We will always make our very best effort to provide your cake topper to you but it critical that you check your email often, respond in a timely fashion and most importantly approve your cake toppers for shipping as soon as possible allowing ample time for delivery.

We recommend approval for orders placed with Standard shipping (Blue - Green Label) no less than 14 business days before your event.

We recommend approval for orders placed with Express shipping (Yellow - Red) no less than 7 business days before your event.


We offer a fully photo proofed process for orders when time allows. This means that we will send photos of your cake topper in progress for every stage of production for your approval. We offer unlimited revisions as time allows. We cannot guarantee that we will have enough time to make every change you want and still have time to ship for delivery by your event. If shipping needs to be upgraded from standard to express, it will be done so at your expense.

Please consider that it is our very best intention to create a cake topper that you love the first time we attempt to do so. Creating facial likenesses however is a very subjective process. Even if we think the sculpture looks exactly like the submitted photo, you may not think so. In which case, we will ask for your revisions in order to make the facial likeness closer to your vision. We ask that you remember that the scale of the photos you are sent in comparison to the actual cake topper heads is very large. In actuality, our cake topper heads are less than 1" wide for Classic style cake toppers and less than 2" wide for Funny style cake toppers. Also, when we add coloring, the cake toppers heads will appear more lifelike and also will resemble the subject more.

In some extreme rush situations, we are not able to offer you our normal proofing process. We will let you know this before we begin production. We will make sure all project requirements stated on your order have been met before shipping your cake toppers. Our main objective is to create a lovely cake topper that looks just like you and to get it to you in time for your event.

In the event that you approve the faces of your cake topper and then decide at a later date that you no longer like them, we can make new heads if time allows with a $25 charge per head charged to you. This also includes changes to hairstyles.

Please allow 3-4 days minimum for revision steps.


In the case that your order arrives damaged, we will either ask that you ship your package to our studio for repair or provide a replacement cake topper as soon as possible at no additional charge. Please check your order carefully and report any damage to us as soon as possible. In some instances, we may need photos in order to ascertain the best course of action.


Unfortunately, even with an eye on the calendar at all times and with ample time allotted or shipping and delivery, some orders fail to be delivered in time for your event.  In many cases, the circumstances of the delay falls outside of our control.  Delays in delivery can be caused by in-climate weather, packages that are lost or mis-routed, packages that are delayed in inbound customs, or other acts of God.  We cannot be held responsible for orders that are not delivered in time due to these unforeseen circumstances.  For this reason, we strongly recommend placing your order well before your event.  Customers who place their orders with our company acknowledge this risk.


We reserve the right to use any photo of any bobblehead or cake topper order for promotional purposes.  We will never use your personal photographs without your permission.  Fully custom orders that are commercially viable may be resold at our standard rate for future orders.